Walking and hiking in Namur & Dinant

Homme sur le haut d'une vallée superbe vue sur la meuse, entouré d'arbres, en automne, à Marche les Dames, Namur
Denis Closon

On foot, by bike, on rollerblades, on a scooter or on horseback, 2,000 kilometres of marked trails are waiting for you. Go hiking and enjoy the beautiful landscape scattered with rocks, impressive cliffs, and charming villages in the heart of the Namur and Dinant region! Explore Meuse is undoubtedly the ideal destination to recharge your batteries and enjoy hikes close to the Belgian Ardennes!

Discover the marked trails in the countryside or on the banks of the Meuse River

The hilly landscape of Explore Meuse consists of cliffs and rocks and crosses through the Meuse valley. An excellent base for a multitude of activities in the great outdoors. Get on your mountain bike and set off over the mountains and in the valleys. Would you rather explore at a more leisurely and peaceful pace? Then opt for an electric bicycle and adjust the gears depending on the level of effort you want to put in. Throughout the region, there are more than 2,000km of signposted trails. Whilst in the countryside, you can admire beautiful fortresses and castles. Lace up your hiking boots and follow the signposted paths into the country or along the Meuse River. Would you like to explore our region at the gateway to the Ardennes in a slightly different way? Then choose a ride on a tuk-tuk, electric scooter or packraft. Explore Meuse, immerse yourself in the destination.

Promenade en famille dans les bois
Denis Closon
Promenade à vélo croisette Dinant au bord de l'eau vue sur la Collégiale et la citadelle de Dinant
David Rivir
Les Draisines de la Molignée, en couple, ancienne voie ferrée, en été
©WBT – Bruno D’Alimonte

On foot

Do you prefer the city or the countryside?
Alone or with a guide?
All tastes are catered for in the heart of nature.

  • In the countryside: marked trails through woods and meadows, valleys with small rivers that disappear into the wild vegetation, cows lazily looking at you while peacefully grazing, a squirrel that appears out of nowhere, vistas that reveal the splendour of our region, villages that are part of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia”, that’s what we can offer you on more than 2,000 km of walking trails. These boots are made for walking!
  • In the city: themed visits, sometimes food based, often historical, but always full of discoveries! Take a walk along the Meuse or a guided tour to discover hidden gems in the cities of Namur and Dinant.

Hunting calendar

Find all information about the hunting seasons by clicking below.

‘Protection of the forest’ Charter

Nature is beautiful and precious, so let's treat it with respect as prescribed in the Walloon charter “Apaisons la forêt”! Find out how to behave during your outing in nature.

Ruines de Montaigle, vieux château, vielles pierres, sur une butte, entouré d'eau, confluent
(c)Louise Lenoir

Our favourite walks

We offer a selection of walks that we have tested for you. Go out and discover the most beautiful spots of the Meuse Valley and the Molignée Valley. Along the way, you will come across the ruins of Montaigle castle and the magnificent panoramic views from the rocks of Freÿr.

Panorama Chateau de Walzin sud de Dinant, au pied d'une falaise, vue sur la vallée, Province de Namur


With its river and valleys, the destination of Explore Meuse boasts a dozen breath-taking vistas. Among them: the viewpoint of the 7 Meuses, the panoramic views of the citadels of Namur and Dinant, the magnificent panorama from the rocks of Freÿr and many others.

alt=Visite guidée en groupe dans les rues de Namur
WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte

Guided walks

Follow our local guides, who are passionate about our heritage. They will tell our history and help you discover both unusual and surprising places. They share with you the hidden and unknown treasures of the region. Whether you want to walk in the countryside or in the city, let yourself be guided by real storytellers who will put you in the shoes of a local.

Chien assis au pied des Aiguilles de Chaleux, vue sur la Vallée
(c)MTDN-Denis Closon Chaleux

All our walking routes

Enjoy a wide variety of walking and hiking routes. Whether they are short or long distance, on the flat RAVeL routes or with high and low terrain, the walks in our Explore Meuse region will take you through the beautiful landscapes of Namur, Dinant and the surrounding area.

By bicycle

From sporty outings for muscular calves on mountain bike circuits to more relaxing rides, from bike tours on the RAVeL routes to small country roads, this section will appeal to every cycling enthusiast.

alt=Balade sur le RAVeL, avec deux personnes en vélo dont une personne en vélo couché adapté aux PMR, en été
8 circuits certifiés par Access-i en Wallonie et une nouvelle édition du Beau Vélo de RAVeL A Fosses-la-Ville, un circuit de promenade certifié est inauguré. Il s'agit de la balade didactique qui relie ReGare sur Fosses-la-Ville et le Lac de Bambois Une promenade vélo de 6km certifiée 100% accessible à toute personne en situation de handicap. Homme en pmr avec casque sur son vélo et a cote une femme avec chemise orange non pmr. © 2021 WBT – Bruno D’Alimonte

More than 1,440 km of paths reserved for cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and people with reduced mobility.

Deux personnes à vélo devant un garage à vélo en extérieur en été, une femme et un homme
Denis Closon

Bienvenue Vélo” (bike friendly) is a label awarded to all properties offering services and facilities that meet the needs of cyclists.

alt=Une femme et un homme devant un bureau d'accueil dans un magasin de location de vélo avec une femme derrière le comptoir
Denis Closon

Rent a bicycle

Find a list of bicycle rental companies where you can hire bicycles for all terrains, mountain bikes, electric or classic models.

Balade à vélo sur les hauteurs de Profondeville au lieu dit des 7 Meuses

All our cycling routes

Cycling enthusiasts will find our many cycling and mountain bike routes here. You will find a wide choice of cycle paths as well as our current cycle route selection.