Museums and famous houses

Explore Meuse has many museums and famous houses. Temporary or permanent exhibitions showcase authentic objects from archaeological excavations, such as models, images, texts, or multimedia consoles in la Maison du Patrimoine Médiéval Mosan (Medieval Mosan Heritage House). Their aim? To help you discover the history of our region in a fun way. In Dinant, follow in the footsteps of Adolphe Sax, the famous inventor of the saxophone, by following the musical route marked with stops where you can find works paying homage to him. Fancy a cultural trip in Namur? We recommend a visit to the Delta, formerly known as the Culture House, which is full of exhibitions, events and shows. Performances are organised throughout the year. And don't miss the Rops Museum in Namur, where you can admire the works of the famous Namur painter.
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Strawberry Museum

5100 Wépion

11 ALD-01-000999 50.41675 4.87912
11 ALD-01-000992 50.46301 4.86259
11 ALD-0T-00VN-0001 50.46352 4.83411
11 ALD-0B-01C7-00KN 50.46324 4.86131

Archaeological Museum

5530 Godinne

11 ALD-0B-019J-0001 50.34959 4.86699

Museum of remembrance - 1940

5537 Haut-le-Wastia

11 ALD-1E-000ZAR 50.3053 4.84314


5020 Flawinne

11 ALD-01-0009O5 50.4676 4.81875
11 ALD-01-0009HC 50.5469 5.02259
11 ALD-1E-000XRH 50.2619 4.91085
11 ALD-01-0009R4 50.2601 4.91379

Maison Leffe

5500 Dinant

11 ALD-1E-000WTI 50.2572 4.91091