From Fernelmont via Namur to Dinant, our destination is rich in exhibitions, both temporary and permanent. Discover our region through our local products, our heritage, our culture or our painters and craftsmen. Read, feel, look, and taste the wonders of the Meuse region. Soak up our landscapes through our photographers, designers, and filmmakers. There is always something to do in Explore Meuse. Don't miss our annual events, such as the "Rooms with a view" exhibition or the craftsmen's day. Our museums and famous houses offer you temporary exhibitions throughout the year, allowing us to offer you a calendar full of ideas for getting out and about!
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Micro-ordinateur, még@-révolution

Micro-ordinateur, még@-révolution
06 Jan. 30 Jun.


This exhibition presents the history of microcomputing from the early 70s to the early 90s through numerous microcomputers, vintage advertisements...

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"Révolution de l'écrit" : Exhibition at the MPMM

02 Apr. 06 Nov.


About 5000 years ago, writing was born, a marker to distinguish "prehistory" from "history", which is the knowledge of the...

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"Petit patrimoine dévoilé" à ReGare

29 Apr. 04 Sep.


Discover the secrets of the small heritage of Foss in this temporary exhibition. In addition, go and make a treasure...

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Monster Parade in the "Bateliers"

Monster Parade in the
13 May. 03 Jul.


As part of the event "The Circus we are", the museum pole Les Bateliers opens its doors to "Monster Parade",...

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Exhibition of ceramics at the Ingels-Malnoury workshop

Exhibition of ceramics at the Ingels-Malnoury workshop
28 May. 14 Aug.


The Ingels-Malnoury ceramists, labeled "Artisans d'art" by the province of Namur present an exhibition open every Saturday and Sunday from...

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Biotopia in the "Pavillon"

Biotopia in the
18 Jun. 27 Nov.


Biotopia is a new collective exhibition combining art, science and technology around the theme of life, plants, animals and our...

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Exhibition : « Les secrets de la Grotte Chauvet. L’art des origines, révélé par la 3D »

Exhibition : « Les secrets de la Grotte Chauvet. L’art des origines, révélé par la 3D »
24 Jun. 08 Jan.


The Chauvet cave in the Ardèche is home to the oldest paintings and engravings in the world known to date....

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Vêtements liturgiques, sacrés vêtements

Vêtements liturgiques, sacrés vêtements
01 Jul. 28 Aug.


Itinerant exhibition to discover in different churches of Wallonia, visible every day from 09.00 pm to 6:00 pm. Easy parking...

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Exposition "L'alchimie de la lumière et de l'architecture"

02 Jul. 09 Jul.


The works of photographer Jean-Claude Willems will be on display in the hall of the town hall.Weekdays: 08.30>12.00 - 13.00>16.00 Saturday:...

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The Citadel in colorized postcards

The Citadel in colorized postcards
15 Jul. 30 Sep.


This exhibition offers views of the citadel, from wide and panoramic shots to the details of a gate or a...

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Festival International Nature Namur

Festival International Nature Namur
14 Oct. 23 Oct.


An event not to be missed for lovers of nature and beautiful images.

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