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We already know that Belgium is the country of top-quality beers, but did you know that the beers of the Namur region also live up to the same reputation? Explore Meuse invites you to visit the most amazing breweries in Namur and Dinant which produce a unique artisanal beverage. Do not leave the Meuse area without tasting the famous beers of the Ardennes. Just think of a Leffe beer or a beer from the abbey of Maredsous, which is brewed all over the world. Cheers!

A brewery where tasty and unique craft beers are made

During your stay in the Ardennes, visit a brewery in Namur and taste a beer full of character and discover new flavours. In their unconventional brewery, the La Houppe team not only testifies to its love for beer, but also for the city of Namur.

All beers brewed in the Meuse region are inspired by artisanal and traditional expertise, of which Namur’s brewers are very proud.

The uniqueness of the Walloon beers also lies in their diversity. Our brewers  offer a wide variety of craft beers, each more amazing than the next. A trip to the Brasserie du Clocher is inevitable. During a visit to this microbrewery, you will enjoy the privilege of tasting the “Philomène”, a light blond beer to quench your thirst and savour after a long walk in the Namur and Dinant region.

In the same vein, and to go from one surprise to another, you can make a short stop at the microbrewery of Mochenaire, where Jean-Paul and his daughter will be happy to let you taste their local beer. Between a blonde and an amber beer, you won’t know which to choose.

For enthusiasts who want to combine a tasting with a touch of history, the Caracole brewery in Dinant will probably be a real favourite. Discover the secrets of old-fashioned brewing: here the beer is still brewed in copper barrels and heated over a wood fire. A feast for the eyes and the palate!

Brown, blond, white, or amber: discover the ultimate beer  When you visit a brewery in Namur or Dinant, you discover much more than just the know-how of the artisan producers. Above all, it is a passion passed down from generation to generation. These brewers want to share their expertise with you whilst you spend a pleasant and relaxing moment.

Brewery "du Clocher"

5020 Malonne

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Brewery "La Houppe"

5000 Namur

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Brewery Caracole

5500 Falmignoul

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Brogne Brewery

5640 Saint-Gérard

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Maison Leffe

5500 Dinant

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Maredsous Abbey

5537 Denée

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