Bicycle rental in our region

Une femme et un homme devant un bureau d'accueil dans un magasin de location de vélo avec une femme derrière le comptoir
Denis Closon
Find your dream bike! Would you like to explore the region in a different way? Rent bicycles or mountain bikes in the Namur and Dinant region and follow our signposted routes, in the woods between different valleys, rivers and the Meuse River. The bicycle rental companies below offer a wide range of models such as electric bicycles, regular bicycles, mountain bikes in all sizes, women’s bicycles… Some rental companies also offer experienced guides who can accompany you on your cycling trip or simply deliver your rented bicycle to your accommodation!

All the places to rent a bicycle

11 ALD-0B-00OX-00AC 50.20395 4.86559

Adnet cycles

5500 Dinant

11 ALD-0B-000ONT 50.25324 4.91755

Dakota Raid

5500 Anseremme

11 ALD-0B-000ONQ 50.2373 4.90634


5000 Namur

11 LOD-A0-005M-053J 50.46816 4.86366

Moss' Bikes

5500 Dréhance

11 ALD-0B-000OUN 50.2355 4.94358

Au vélor d'or

5540 Hermeton-sur-Meuse

11 ALD-0B-000ONS 50.1964 4.81905
11 LOD-A0-007E-179I 50.23554 4.89553
11 LOD-A0-0097-2PFT 50.45466 4.8758