Walking, hiking, and sports in Namur and Dinant… Live to the max!

Enjoy impressive views, experience unforgettable wild adventures … With sports, walking and hiking, Explore Meuse offers you the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of the Namur and Dinant regions.

Lovers of extreme thrills as well as those looking for peace and relaxation are sure to find what they are looking for here. Explore Meuse invites you to travel through the magnificent natural landscapes. The ideal way to stretch your legs and get away from it all!

Explore the Meuse while by combining your trip with walks and less ordinary activities

Explore Meuse offers more than 2,000 km of excursions which you can take on foot, by bike … but also by electric scooter, a tuk tuk or even a vespa. If a hike doesn’t deter you, put on your sturdy walking boots and walk along the marked trails offering you a grand view of the picturesque villages that are so characteristic of the river Meuse and its surroundings. Climb on top of the rocks to enjoy the exceptional views. Take the 408 steps that lead you to the citadel of Dinant, treat yourself to the breath-taking panoramic view and discover the history and culture of this town on the banks of the Meuse. If you want to explore a little faster, cycling is a perfect alternative. Rent your bicycle on site and explore the Meuse region via the RAVel route. By bike, you can enjoy the same region, but in a completely unique way! Especially as there are plenty of opportunities to meet other walkers, hikers, and cyclists. Fancy a ride on your electric bike? The many signposted routes are also suitable for electric bicycles and turn your hike into an enjoyable ride. Explore Meuse offers you a range of interesting activities, each more interesting than the next: put your endurance to the test and push your limits! Opt for an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. It will leave you hungry for more!

Hiking and walking to recharge your batteries

There’s nothing more energising than a beautiful hike in the middle of nature to escape the stress of everyday life! Leave all your worries behind! Put on your boots, have a change of scenery, and come and enjoy everything the beautiful Namur countryside has to offer! Whether you prefer a simple walk or a full-on trek: micro-adventure, pack rafting... You won't be disappointed!

Sports activities for adrenaline junkies

Would you prefer sports activities that give you that extra thrill? Preferably at height? Are you sporty and dynamic, and do you have good stamina? Are you looking for exhilaration? Treat yourself to an adrenaline rush with a parachute jump, plunge into the depths with the Dinant Aventure XL pendulum or rack up some miles on the racetrack.