Our favourite walks

Ruines de Montaigle, vieux château, vielles pierres, sur une bute
(c)Louise Lenoir
We have tested our 6 favourite walks for you. Each with their own distinct features: panoramic views, secluded alleys, walks in our “Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia” or in a nature reserve. In short, extraordinary walks that immerse you in our hilly landscape.

"La Haye aux vaches" in Sosoye

Destination Sosoye, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia”! Grab your backpack and trek to the famous “Mountain” of Sosoye.
  • Start of the walk

    Rue du Marteau à Sosoye

  • Distance


Climb to heaven in Marche-les-Dames

Destination Marche-les-Dames! This tour takes place in the forest, so don’t forget your boots! On the programme, you’ll find the castle of Marche-les-Dames and a walk that is doable with the whole family.
  • Start of the walk

    Marche-les-Dames railway station

  • Distance


Walk along the narrow alleys of Profondeville

At the village of Profondeville, you will discover another world while strolling through its narrow alleyways. Here, you won’t be able to resist the charming houses and the passages off the beaten track!
  • Start of the walk

    Opposite the church, on the right

  • Distance


Hike in the ruins of Montaigle in Falaën

At Falaën, you will stroll through one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia”. This walk, steeped in history, takes you past the ruins of Montaigle, a medieval castle perched on a rocky ledge, at the intersection of the Flavion and Molignée rivers.
  • Start of the walk

    At the church in Falaën (where there is a drinking water point)

  • Distance


Walk from Freÿr Castle to Anseremme

At Freÿr and Anseremme, you will climb on top of the rocks, classified as Natura 2000, where you can view Freÿr castle from the different panoramas. Take in this magnificent view.
  • Start of the walk

    At the church in Anseremme

  • Distance