Panorama château de Walzin
With its river and valleys, the Explore Meuse destination enjoys the particularity of a dozen breath-taking vistas. Spread throughout the region, in addition to two beautiful citadels (in Namur and in Dinant), they also include unparalleled vantage points that invite you to discover special places and the beautiful landscape. From a steep rock or from a ruin, you will be surprised, time and again, by the sound of creaking branches and birdsong. Take your time, take a deep breath, and admire the view over Namur, Dinant and the surrounding region.

Ideally located viewpoints!

Our panoramic vantage points do not only offer superb views, but they are also ideally located. The viewpoint of the citadel of Namur is an excellent example. Located near the city centre, the cable car only takes a few minutes to get you to the rich pedestrian alleys where you can go for a drink or go shopping. At the foot of the Dinant citadel, you will find the Croisette and the famous Collegiate Church. A stone’s throw away, you will find the bridge with saxophones where you can take unforgettable photos. Don’t forget to cross the bridge and take a selfie in front of the giant letters of DINANT. And how about enjoying a delicious meal with a stunning view? On sunny days, the terrace of the restaurant “Les 7 Meuses” is the place to be with its panoramic view of the Mosan Valley. The ideal meeting place for lovers!

Les 7 Meuses viewpoint

Halfway between Dinant and Namur, the Les 7 Meuses viewpoint offers a remarkable panoramic view of the Meuse valley. In good weather, you can see the area up to 50 kilometres away. An ideal spot to admire the sunset with your friends or with your loved one. A blanket and a little aperitif, that’s all you need! To stay in the mood, we recommend you book a meal at “Les 7 Meuses” restaurant, located a stone’s throw from the viewpoint. Refined brasserie cuisine is always on offer. The restaurant is also the starting point for paragliding, one of the most exciting activities at our destination. Address: Rue du Sart à Soilles 27 – 5170 Rivière.
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Freÿr Castle viewpoint

Climb atop the rock masses that are part of the Natura 2000 network and admire Freÿr Castle from the various vantage points of Anseremme. From here you can also see the paths of the Meuse and the neighbouring cliffs. This viewpoint is accessible via a walk that our colleague Jeanne has tested for you!

The Poilvache viewpoint

From the south tower of the Poilvache ruins, you have a magnificent view of the island of Houx and the Meuse. Did you know that the Poilvache site is the largest medieval fortified site in the Meuse valley? The ruins of Poilvache sit on a limestone spur overlooking the river and the charming village of Houx, a few kilometres from Dinant. At the time, the walls with dotted towers dating back to between the 13th to 15th century, protected the town and the castle.
Address: Chemin de Poilvache, 5530 Yvoir
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The view from Dinant citadel

The sportiest among you can climb the 408 steps to the top of the citadel. But you can also take the gentle way up to the top via the funicular, where you can take some great photos of the view of the Meuse. At the top, the Dinant citadel invites you to discover its history in the weapon and history museum. The viewpoint is located at the tip of the rocky spur and offers you the opportunity to capture the perfect panoramic postcard photos!
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The view from the Park of Furfooz

The Furfooz nature reserve is a pleasant and relaxing place. The site has been setup in the form of a 4 km-walk taking you through all kinds of places where you can discover nature in all its forms: along the Lesse, in the caves, at the Roman baths and even on a high plain. Admire the superb views and take the time to fill your lungs with oxygen in this unspoilt piece of nature. You might even be lucky enough to meet one of the protected inhabitants of the reserve: the peregrine falcon. A reservation is required for your visit. Dogs are not allowed in the nature reserve. Address : Rue du Camp Romain 79, 5500 Dinant

The view from Namur citadel

This ‘Great Lady’ of Namur has more to offer than meets the eye. Whether it’s the underground galleries that Napoleon called the “termite mound of Europe”, the amazing 360° panoramic view over the city of Namur or the Delforge perfumery, which won an award for one of its creations. Namur will amaze you with its wide range of activities. We strongly recommend that you venture up the climb, either on foot, by bike or by Tuk-Tuk, to admire the different views of the city. Enjoy the various viewpoints overlooking Jambes, the Meuse and the confluence, and also the city centre with the Sambre, or even La Plante and its lock.
Address : Route Merveilleuse 64, 5000 Namur
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Crèvecoeur viewpoint

At the top of the village of Bouvignes rest the ruins of a castle dating back to 1320. The ruins of Crèvecoeur are open to the public all year round. Stroll through the site unaccompanied or with a guide who will tell you all about the history of this Dinant site. Do not hesitate to take a look at our calendar, as guided walks are organised throughout the year. This is also the perfect place to take a look at the Place de Bouvignes and its many alleyways dating back to the Middle Ages. Take the opportunity to visit the “Maison du Patrimoine Médieval Mosan,” located at the foot of the ruins.