This micro-adventure takes you on foot and by kayak from Anseremme to Houyet. Your two-day adventure starts on the banks of the Lesse River, in the province of Namur! Completely Immerse yourself in nature for two days.

Immerse yourself in nature for two days

The concept of this micro-adventure is simple: you hike upstream along the banks of the river Lesse and then sail back down the river in a kayak to the starting point. A journey of about 40 kilometres with a bivouac on the riverbank.

Just to let you know, a micro-adventure is still an adventure! You will need some training for this hike, as there are differences in altitude along the way. Plan to leave Anseremme early in the morning so that we can arrive in Houyet by late afternoon.  
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Day 1: The hike

You walk along richly varied paths. You cross the valley from one side to the other where the river Lesse flows. The roads and paths run through forests as well as on the high plains.

The passage along the GR126

This route is one of the best in this sector. At the start, you follow the blue and green hiking signs. Then you take the GR126, and a little later you get to small, unmarked paths, which eventually lead back to the signposted route.

Throughout the hike, you are never far from the river Lesse, which you follow until the end of the route. We told you that this tour is a mix of the best! And if you forgot your lunch, you’ll find several great places along the way where you can get something delicious to eat during the season.
Groupe de personnes autour d'un feu de camp durant la nuit, ambiance camping

A night under the stars

Don’t forget to bring your tent in your backpack, because on arrival in Gendron, you can set up and settle in at the “Camping Paradiso”. Since wild camping is not allowed, this campsite is where you can rest after a long day of hiking.

Day 2: The kayak ride downstream

For the second day of this micro-adventure, we invite you to put away your hiking boots and get out your paddles. Right next to the campsite, upstream from the bridge, you can setup your kayak. The organisation “Dinant Evasion” offers kayak rental from this point of departure for those who do not have their own boat. However, always pay attention to the river level as during times of drought, boating is not allowed. Out of season, on the other hand, the water level can be too high for safe boating. Whatever the situation, the “Dinant Evasion” team can inform you about the navigability of the river at any time.
Femme avec un kayak sur la Lesse à Dinant ou Anseremme entourée d'arbre
Deux personnes descendent la Lesse en Kayak, en été

How does it work in practice?

From Houyet, the descent takes 4 to 5 hours before you return to your starting point in Anseremme. During this trip, you will not encounter any difficult obstacles. There’s only fun and entertainment to be had! Nevertheless, it is still recommended to have kayaked at least once beforehand, because we’re talking about a descent of 20 kilometres. This activity requires a minimum of endurance and navigation skills in order to have as much fun as possible. The advantage of a river descent is that you can just go straight and go with the flow. All along the kayak route, signs indicate where you can get off to have lunch, for example, or when you have arrived at the passage of one of the two dams. Once in Anseremme, you will easily recognize the arrival point of this micro-adventure.

The best time of the year

We recommend doing this micro-adventure just before or just after the summer. The autumn colours offer a revitalising spectacle and are a sight for sore eyes.

How do you get there?

You can easily get to the starting point of this micro-adventure by car, alternatively the train is just as good. Anseremme station is not far from the starting point, Gendron station is halfway along the route.

An experience like no other : micro-adventure packraft !

Take a break from the daily grind and head out for a packraft & electric scooter micro-adventure! Do you dream of going on an expedition? Enjoy a trip on the river and travel like a true adventurer with a packraft in your backpack! Grizzly Outdoor invites you to a challenging and adventurous trip on the Lesse, the Meuse or elsewhere!

But what is packrafting?

It is a light, compact and stable boat. In other words, it’s adventure in the backpack! The pleasure of hiking and sailing close to the river so that you can reconnect with nature. Imagine then the possibility of doing two days, or even more! Indeed, the Lesse offers campsites in strategic locations that can very easily serve as a base camp for exploring the river by packraft.
Photo des explications, mise à l'eau, préparation des packrafts
Photo de packrafts sur la Lesse, Microaventure Grizzly Outdoor

How does it work in practice?

Firstly, get your things in place so that they are ready for the return journey. Secondly, leave either on foot (by bike or train) or by packraft and return the other way round. Then, enjoy a good evening in the open air, by the river, with a campfire and all the other things that make camping fun… Finally, do it again the next day, varying the route for more fun!

The best of the best !

Thomas combines the packrafting on the Lesse with electric scooters for all terrains. To get to the quay, Thomas offers four options. “For those who only want to do packrafting, you can take the train. You can also get there along a walking route ranging from 6 to 20 km, or by bike or on an all-terrain electric scooter, available in collaboration with Trot-E-Fun. For the shortest activity, which lasts 4 hours, you pay € 40/pers. The average price is €50/pers. The rates drop as your group gets bigger.”  
Photo de trottinettes électriques - Trot-e-fun à Anseremme
Photo de Thomas : Grizzly Outdoor Packrafting sur la Lesse

Ask for your customised micro adventure to combine sports and nature. And why not add a bivouac with or without a tent? There are many activities to choose from!

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On to the adventure!

You now hold all the cards for a fantastic micro-adventure in the province of Namur. Come and take a breath of fresh air in the heart of nature between hiking and kayaking. Come and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the forest and the banks of the river Lesse. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!