Couque of Dinant


Couque de Dinant made by the Collard bakery in various shapes

A speciality of the Belgian town whose name it bears, the couque de Dinant is a kind of extremely hard cookie made of honey and flour, printed in molds of various shapes: animals, various objects, characters, floral motifs, etc.

It is baked in a preheated oven at 300 degrees Celsius for fifteen minutes, as soon as the honey is caramelized. As it cools, the Dinant biscuit hardens, which allows it to be kept indefinitely. The harder the cookie is, the fresher it is.

How to eat the couque de Dinant ?

You have to taste it like a caramel: you break the cookie in small pieces and you suck them to allow the honey flavours to be released until they melt. And if you’re really afraid of losing a tooth, you can use the Dinant biscuit as a wall decoration!

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