Restaurants and local produce

Denis Closon
Food is an important aspect of any trip: with a full stomach, the day can only go well! The Explore Meuse region is brimming with culinary treasures! During your stay in the Ardennes, you should definitely visit one of our many restaurants. From small, cosy restaurants to gourmet restaurants, you will quickly find what you are looking for amongst our wide range of restaurants in Namur, Dinant and the surrounding area. The foodies among you will certainly find something to your liking among the numerous regional produce including cheeses, chocolates, beers, juices, wines, syrups, etc.

The local cuisine: as close as possible to local customs

To fully appreciate the region, Explore Meuse recommends a visit to the restaurant “Les Montagnards”. The authentic cuisine and the products that Charles and Camille, the owners of Mougneûs d’As, are offering you, will undoubtedly delight you. Here, regional produce and the charm of the past are inextricably linked. If you are looking for “homemade” dishes, then “Le Bistro Belgo Belge” is for you! All produce offered is fresh and typically Belgian. Don’t have time to enjoy a restaurant? Tempt yourself with the various chip shops at your disposal! The entire Belgian region has “fritteries” (chip shops) everywhere. In Namur, for example, a stone’s throw from the train station, “Chez Gaby” gives you a warm welcome… and generous portions of chips!
Denis Closon


Looking for a restaurant? Discover the best places to eat and find a restaurant that suits you. Whether it’s the best chip shop, a local brasserie or refined gastronomy, our destination has everything to spoil your taste buds.
Maja Petric


Here, wine is a way of life! Visit our vineyards that combine an extensive range of grape varieties! From the small to the large estates, our passionate winegrowers share their know-how. Whether it’s a white, red, or sparkling wine, you will always find something to amaze your palate.
Denis Closon

Regional produce

Explore Meuse counts many regional producers and passionate food artisans who can offer you local products of excellent quality thanks to their infinite imagination and expertise. Visit their companies and farms and learn more about their production methods.
Denis Closon


Beer is a must in Belgium! And the icing on the cake? You can discover them in a unique setting. While the Philomène is brewed in a church, La Fol’ finds its origins amongst the locals. Our beers and breweries with their history and environment will surprise many.