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We have chosen 5 bicycle/mountain bike routes with different paths! From Hastière to Andenne, you will discover diverse landscapes: rocks, cliffs, country roads or along the rivers. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Explore Meuse region.

1) Discover the villages and the Molignée Valley

After cycling on winding country roads in the middle of the countryside, you will enjoy an amazing descent to the RAVeL of the Molignée Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in Wallonia! Here there are many stops you can take to sightsee or grab a bite! The ruins of Montaigle castle on a rocky ledge, Warnant and its snail farm, Falaën and Sosoye, two of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia, and two renowned abbeys in Maredsous and Maredret. The Château de Bioul and its vineyard and the Gardens of Annevoie are also part of the magnificent discoveries for you to enjoy.
draisines de la Molignée et vélo sur le RAVeL côte à côte
Falaen _Draisines de la Molignée et RAVeL
couple à vélo sur le RAVeL à Profondeville

2) From Namur to Dinant along the Meuse River by bicycle

When you leave Namur, you immediately relax as soon as you see the RAVeL route. You cycle through the village of Wépion, known globally as strawberry land. Gradually, you come to the most beautiful part of the Mosan Valley, with its numerous cliffs and majestic sites such as the famous Gardens of Annevoie. Shortly after Anhée, you can see the ruins of the feudal castle of Poilvache, which overlooks the river from its rocky outcrop. When you arrive in Dinant, several hectares of vineyards stretch out on the slopes of the valley. At the foot of the citadel, on the quays of the Meuse, the city invites you to taste its famous “couques” (biscuits) or to take a boat trip.
  • Start of the walk

    Rue du Pont 5000 Namur

  • Distance

    27 km

3) Escape to the Grand Andenne

The route starts in Seilles on the Place Joseph Wauters. Cycle past the Saint-Etienne church to the Sclaigneaux nature reserve. At the end of the forest is the educational farm Chant d’Oiseaux. Descend into the Loysse valley and join the Meuse. Follow the river until the bridge at Sclaigneaux. Cross the bridge and join Sclayn. In front of you is the church of Saint-Maurice. Ride along the village of Fond des Vaux to the Marchempré quarry. You are in front of the village of Thon-Samson, classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia. Descend into the Samson Valley and then climb back to Maizeret. Continue your route towards Bois d’Herpet before descending into the valley and climbing again via the Try de Goyet to Bonneville. Come back to the Bois de Stud, next to Andenne. After the golf course, descend to the lock of Andenne-Seilles and cross the Meuse to return to Seilles.
  • Start of the walk

    Sports Complex : Seilles - 40 Rue Ferdinand Hendschel 5300 Andenne

  • Distance

    28,57 km

alt=groupe de cyclistes sur une route bordée de verdure, itinéraire vélo
Hastière-Waulsort Roche Al Rue vue de la Bergerie-Maes Christian_(c)OTH

4) Heer-Agimont from one bank to the other

This rather demanding route lets you explore the 2 slopes of the Meuse Valley to Hermeton. From the Saint-Nicolas chapel in Heer-Agimont, a hilly route takes you up the slopes of the Bois de Bréjoul and then down a very technical trail back to Hermeton. After crossing the Hastière lock and dam, follow the Meuse towards Heer, before making a small steep loop through the forest on the right bank. The descent takes you back to Heer, where you cross the bridge to return to your starting point. Note that this route can also be split into 2 parts. You can use the RAVeL between Hermeton and Heer-Agimont to complete the loop, making the tour more accessible for less advanced cyclists.

5) Loop of the 3 RAVeL paths

A bicycle ride to discover the Meuse valley, the old 150 railway line in the heart of the Molignée valley and the Sambre valley. Along the way, you will cycle past Namur, the Strawberry Museum, Profondeville, the Water Gardens of Annevoie, the rail bikes of the Molignée, Sosoye (one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia), the Abbey of Maredsous, Lake Bambois, ReGare in Fosses-la-Ville, and numerous accommodation with the “Bienvenue Vélo” (Welcome Bike) label.
vélo sur le RAVeL de la Molignée
WBT - Pierre Pauquay