La Meuse, au cœur de notre histoire


Only available in French

Never before has the study of a river been approached as a monograph. This book devoted to the Meuse, with many unpublished illustrations, shows the important role played by the river in the development of the surrounding regions, from its origins to the end of the 16th century. There are also a few notes on the history of the Mosan to the present day. This multidisciplinary work demonstrates the essential place of the river in the most varied domains and notes the existence, between these, of interactions so powerful that they form only one entity: the Meuse. Thanks to the transport facilities it offers, the river allows the development of the urban phenomenon and ensures the traffic of numerous goods, which nourish intense commercial relations. Moreover, the river is of great strategic importance and is open to multiple activities, to the point that it is exceptional among the rivers of northwestern Europe.

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