Discover Namur and Dinant by kayak, an unforgettable adventure

Descente de la Lesse en Kayak, kayak jaune avec une femme et son chien
MOOD 2020
Discover the Meuse and its rivers by canoe, kayak, or paddleboard. Whether you prefer to simply drift along to the rhythm of the water or would rather paddle energetically, why not try kayaking in Namur and Dinant! The Meuse can be discovered this way thanks to the many canoe, kayak, and boat rental companies. The Meuse valley, its rivers, lakes, and sunbathing areas are all set in an enchanting green environment. Magic and regeneration are the keywords here! Discover the Meuse and its surroundings from the water: observe the power and beauty of the landscapes where the water laps over the rocks and the surrounding nature.

Unleash all your energy in the water

Do you fancy doing some water sports? With a wide range of activities, from water skiing to kayaking, the Meuse River is full of activities for all water lovers.
Why not try pack rafting? You can easily carry this small inflatable boat in your backpack. The idea behind the packraft is to experience the water and be as close to nature as possible! This adventure can be combined with a walk along the beautiful hiking trails. The paddle is the best choice for those who want to glide calmly along the river. A unique way to admire the hidden beauty of nature from the water. With a large surfboard, you can glide quietly over the water without the need for waves or wind! To move forward, you only use one paddle while standing upright: a fun moment of discovery for everyone. Whatever water activity you wish to try, Explore Meuse will be happy to meet you at the harbourmaster’s office in Namur for a sporty and fun activity. Come along as a couple or with the entire family. And what better way to wrap up your sporting adventure than by taking a break on the floating terrace where you can sip a good beer, sample the delicious regional produce and marvel at the breath-taking view of the citadel of Namur?
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Discover more water activities. A bit of sport, fun and great memories to create with family and friends!

Le Ponton (AJP Events)

5170 Bois-de-Villers

11 ALD-01-0008B8 50.4 4.82185
11 ALD-0T-000Q7C 50.43548 4.86474
11 ALD-1E-000XL6 50.23693 4.90578

The Flow Namur

5000 Namur

11 ALD-0B-01PF-0054 50.26078 4.90981

Island of Yvoir

5530 Yvoir

11 ALD-1E-000UJ2 50.3214 4.87797

Grizzly Outdoor

5500 Dinant

11 LOD-A0-0052-0K2O 50.26017 4.91033

Péniche Formigny

5000 Namur

11 LOD-A0-0090-4V5A 50.45979 4.86721