The Oath of the 7 Stones


Only available in French and Dutch

Enter a magical world and walk in the footsteps of the fairy peacekeepers of the Explore Meuse Valley. Accept the mission of the fairy queen, Lady Mosa, and complete challenging tasks. Challenges await you in 5 villages in the region. The key is to open the magic chest that guarantees lasting peace. The tranquility of the Meuse Valley is in your hands! It’s your turn to play!

The family plays with a game bag containing: the story, an illustrated map for the treasure hunt – 6 stages of outdoor games mixed with a real investigation in the village.
6 multi-game objects (talisman, ribbon, ball, puzzle, mistigri) allow the family to play in the universe of 5 picturesque villages of Wallonia: Bouvignes, Waulsort, Sosoye, Serville and in the Forest of Mont.

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