L’église Notre-Dame à Dinant


Only available in French

Nestled between the waters of the Meuse and a green cliff, the collegiate church of Notre-Dame in Dinant has accompanied each slice of life in the Mosan city for nearly eight centuries. Over the course of its history, it has been plagued by a thousand problems, partially destroyed by a rock, looted and burned down several times. Nevertheless, the old lady has always been able to stand proudly and preserve her most beautiful finery. And what can we say about its emblematic bulbous spire, this “pumpkin that the illustrious Nostradamus would have topped with his pointed astrologer’s cap”, an undeniable marker of identity and paradoxically the source of so many parochial quarrels over the years! Behind its sober exterior and imposing appearance is a graceful church, a true jewel of Mosan Gothic architecture, adorned with sumptuous decorations and endowed with a path that is as surprising as it is moving.

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