En balade à Andenne et ses villages


Only available in French and Dutch

Brochure with 16 family walks: 10 village walks, 3 thematic walks and 3 bike rides. On the banks of the Meuse, in the woods or on the paths, these circuits of varying lengths (from 2km to 20km) will invite walkers to learn more about the history and the riches of the City of Bears.

This brochure is free, but if you wish to receive it by mail, there is a charge for postage. You can also pick it up free of charge:

  • at the Maison du Tourisme Explore Meuse (Avenue Cadoux, n°8 in 5500 Dinant)
  • at the Tourist Office of Andenne (Promenade des Ours, 37 in 5300 Andenne)
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