Other sports activities and railbiking on the Molignée

alt=deux personnes sur une draisine de la Vallée de la Molignée
Les Draisines de la Molignée, attraction for sympathique pour un couple de quinqua dont l'homme pédale tandis que madame se repose ©2021 WBT – Bruno D’Alimonte

In this section, discover various activities such as paintballing, golf, disc golf and the unmissable. Some of these activities are available all year round and in all weather conditions! What makes an activity a success? Simply the mix of a little sports, fun and great memories to share with your family or friends!

The Molignée railbikes are an absolute must-do in the Explore Meuse region !

Railbikes a must-see activity in Explore Meuse!

Railbikes are one of the main activities of the Molignée Valley! Open all year round, this extraordinary means of transport is ideal to discover the superb landscapes of our region. Pedal at your own pace along the rails of an old railway line connecting Falaën and Maredsous. Climb aboard this funny iron machine and have fun pedalling as a couple. A maximum of 4 people can sit on a railbike: two at the pedals and two in the middle of the railbike.

Several itineraries await you:

  • Falaën – Maredsous – Falaën : 6 km, 90 minutes
  • Warnant – Falaën – Warnant : 8 km, 90 minutes
  • Warnant – Falaën – Maredsous and back : 14 km, 180 minutes

Would you like to try this attraction, which is accessible to all ages? Reserve your place now.

Rougemont - Golf

Rougemont - Golf

5170 Profondeville

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