Extreme sports

Saut en parachute, photo prise dans les airs, figure en étoile avec trois parachutistes
Paraclub Namur

Explore Meuse also offers adrenaline-packed activities. Dare to do a tandem parachute jump with a specialised instructor at the Temploux paraclub (10 min. from Namur), a race car ride on the Mettet circuit (Jules Tacheny), a jump from the Dinant Evasion XL swing to admire our landscape from the air. Experience thrills throughout our region!

Skydiving for an intense experience!

Skydiving is a unique experience with thrills galore. Take in a good dose of adrenaline and experience the unforgettable.   This tandem jump allows you to 100% experience one of the most intoxicating thrills: fly or rather, dive out of the plane for a dizzying 50 seconds free fall at a speed of more than 200 km/h from an altitude of 4000 meters, if you please! Once the parachute has opened, the rest of the descent is smooth, and you can land gently. Afterwards, the only thing you can think about is doing it again.

Dinant Aventure's XL Swing

A big dive into the void followed by a quick ascent!   Take a leap into the void from a platform 60 meters high, which is unique in Belgium. The biggest daredevils set off for an endless fall. As soon as the rope is stretched, you shoot up again on a thrilling ascent with a spectacular view of the Meuse valley.  

Push your limits and dare to experience something that will stay with you for the rest of your life! Meet at Dinant Aventure to try this extraordinary experience.


Duration : 15min – Sensations : ♦♦♦♦ – Efforts :0 – Courage : ♦♦♦

11 ALD-0B-00OY-00NR 50.21796 4.89641
Paraclub Namur

Paraclub Namur

5020 Suarlée

11 ALD-0B-01C7-01JX 50.48836 4.76934
11 ALD-0T-00JT-00OZ 50.304 4.65746
11 ALD-1E-000XHP 50.4866 4.77277
Vertical Dreams

Vertical Dreams

5500 Dinant

11 LOD-A0-008M-11WW 50.26017 4.91033
Explore and share

Explore and share

5540 Hastière

11 ALD-0B-011S-000R 50.21278 4.80807