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sports aventure, escalade sur les rochers de la Vallée de la Meuse
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Overcome your fear of heights by trying rock climbing, tree climbing, rope bridges, deathride and many more hair-raising activities. Step from one adventure to the next and take on the challenges of the adventure sports on offer in the area of Namur and Dinant.

Climbing in Namur, Dinant and the surrounding area

The landscape here allows us to easily climb the surfaces of the cliffs in Namur, Dinant and the surrounding area. Some rocks are reserved for professionals, such as the Marche-les-Dames paratroopers. Others are open to both beginners and climbing professionals, such as the rocks at Dave, Yvoir, Beez, and also certain parts of the cliff in Marche-les-Dames. You could also try the Via Ferrata, one of the safest ways to start rock climbing. View the itinerary and book your trip directly on the Belgian Alpine Club website. Would you like to try indoor climbing? That is possible too! In Jambes (5 min. from Namur), discover two beautiful establishments specially designed for this purpose:

  1. Roc Evasion : 1100 m² of climbing surface, 60 ropes and more than 170 climbing routes for all levels
  2. BeBloc: the largest indoor climbing hall in Belgium

Dare to take on the challenges offered by Dinant Aventure, an adventure park at the gateway of the Belgian Ardennes with both adapted and more daring trails …

Explore Meuse is THE destination for your rock-climbing trips!

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5540 Hastière

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Dinant Aventure

5500 Dinant

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5500 Anseremme

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Agimont Adventure

5544 Agimont

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Vertical Dreams

5500 Dinant

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